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Consider This:

You have been looking for ways to improve your marketing efforts. You have heard about Your Network 4 Success and want to know more about it. This blog is the first in a fairly long series of blogs designed to help you accomplish just that. 


The purpose of our blog is to: Introduce you to a very efficient, effective and integrated marketing system called YNS*.


*YNS sm Means Your Network 4 Success

YNS sm ALSO Means Enhanced Marketing ROI!

We help you enhance your ROI via our advanced, field proven Integrated Marketing System {IMS2}**

Are you familiar with the story about the 3 blind men walking down a road?

If so, you know that as they walk, they simultaneously bump into something. Of course, each is startled. The first man exclaims, “Stop! I just bumped into a wall.” The second shouts, “Stop! I just bumped into a huge tree trunk.”  The third screams, “Stop! I just bumped into a giant snake.”

So, do you know what they bumped into?

An elephant.

Marketing is like this allegory, often misunderstood because most marketeers see only part of the picture. If you want examples, just watch television ads.

Entire texts are devoted to the subject. Usually they describe the theories behind marketing very well, but lack sufficient detail to describe how the theory should be applied in specific cases. Worse they describe individual marketing methods without describing how to integrate them effectively.

Our job is to enable you to apply the concepts behind YNS to your specific organization. AND Better yet, as you read our blog, you will “see” and understand the big marketing picture unlike the 3 blind men.




The Your Network for Success (YNS) was the mechanism we designed to achieve these goals for our customers.

The system started in the early 1990’s. It was then known as the “Enterprise Development Network”. Over the years, as we expanded from one program to five, the name evolved into and is now called Your Network for Success.

The First Program was entitled, “Perspectives on Successful Businesses”, No. 2 was known as “Wealth Building”, No. 3 became “Start and Grow Your Business”, No. 4 “Personal Development” and  No. 5 “The Winners Circle”.

Although each program had its own identity and MC (Master of Ceremonies) Team, the common thread was successful practices and ideas that our listeners and participant could take away and use in their own businesses. In addition, we developed a loyal set of listeners and attendees at the Executive Briefing events we held after every program.

Thus, the Your Network for Success made more sense than “Enterprise Development Network”.

Today, we call this early system the “Legacy” System. It was an early precursor of many of the digital elements we have adopted today.

Because the design and implementation of the YNS System existed for over a 5 year period, we have a complete understanding of the key elements and how to make they work together for the benefit of our customers.

Due to an unfortunate turn of events, the radio stations on which we based our Network went thru some major purchases and programming changes that caused us to terminate these Programs. Although we retired from actively pursuing customers for YNS, we continued to use these principles in our consulting practice.




However, the internet has created an opportunity to reinvigorate the system, enhance its reach and provide options that were not available in the early 90’s in a much more cost way.

Today, the YNS team is basically composed of individuals who are marketing specialists and producers of the YNS System.

These added marketing elements increase the power of the system for its participants, while reducing the costs involved.


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