08. Do You Manage a Business That Can Use an IMS2 Effectively?

Blog Written for Business Owners, Marketing Managers, Business Development Managers and for individuals building their own brand or others who are looking for increased marketing effectiveness AND increased ROI on their marketing dollars.

Consider This:

Your business is simply using the marketing and sales methods that have evolved over the life of your business.  You have been looking for marketing methods that cost less, but produce better results. You want to know if an IMS2 is for you or your business?


The purpose of this post is to: Discuss the types of businesses which can benefit most from using AN IMS2.

*YNS sm Means Your Network 4 Success

YNS sm ALSO Means Enhanced Marketing ROI!

We help you enhance your ROI via our advanced, field-proven Integrated Marketing System {IMS2}**

If you have reviewed our web-site carefully and read most, if not all of the first seven blogs, you may already have a good idea of how to take advantage of YNS’ IMS2.

If not, here are some criteria you should use to help you make that decision.

Start-up businesses

YNS provides a host of products and services for relatively little money or FREE. You should begin with these offerings. Once you have developed a stable income and set aside money for a concentrated marketing effort, you may want to graduate to one of YNS’ Radio or Executive Briefing Packages.

Businesses with 10-50 Employees

Since YNS provides a host of products and services for relatively little money or FREE, you should begin testing out our concepts with your Marketing/Sales team. Once you begin following YNS Blogs and have attended several of our Executive Briefings, you will have a good feel for how the YNS Team thinks.

You may even adopt or adapt some of our marketing techniques on your own to see how they work for you. By gaining success with these methods you may want to spend some time with us to determine how YNS might help you develop an comprehensive  IMS2 of your own. Or you may decide, that since YNS does most of the heavy lifting to implement an IMS2, because YNS DOES MOST OF THE WORK. OR you may simple want to contract with YNS for a tailor-made system designed to build your business.

Businesses with >50 Employees

YNS IMS2 is even more powerful when used by a successful firm with an established base of customers and an existing Marketing/Sales team, BUT WITHOUT AN IMS2 OF ITS OWN.

Some Key Characteristics include business that:

  1. Predominately need to acquire other business customers (i.e. are B2B focused).
  2. Sell complex, big ticket items (i.e. items over $1000 à Accounting, Banking, Legal, Trucking, etc.)
  3. Do not use social media to any great extent.
  4. Are willing to create an attractive, HIGH VALUE P/S Package to be used as a promotional tool.
  5. Understand the value of hiring and using experts.
  6. Are willing to commit some time and effort to take full advantage of the YNS System.
  7. Want more IDEAL customers.

An Experienced Entrepreneur/Marketeer Who Wants to License the YNS IMS2 

You have been following YNS electronically. You believe you can implement an IMS2 OF YOUR OWN, BUT do not want to go though the hassle of creating everything from scratch. You want to get up and running within a couple of months. You want to get paid to market (your self or your own products and/or services).

Next Steps

Feel free to contact us for a FREE assessment of your current marketing system, so we can determine how we might help you multiply your marketing investment.

We have developed and implemented our system for scores of customers. 

We look forward to putting our experience, expertise and creativity to work for you. If you want to start today, just Contact Us. 

Bottom Line – you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors thus,  increasing your market share. By implementing our system You learn how to Turn $1.00 into $10.00.

If your marketing team cannot explain how they are accomplishing these objectives within one complete marketing system, you should follow our future blogs that explain how to proceed.

If you want move faster and gain a COMPETITIVE advantage over our other blog readers, feel free to call or e-mail us to get started.


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