Your Network 4 Success
implements a proven marketing methodology
to help your company achieve better marketing results 4 less!!

Our Mission: Better marketing results 4 less! Get the IMS Squared benefits!

Company Overview: By working with you and/or your marketing team, our team will be able to help you redeploy some of your existing marketing dollars and produce more ideal customers for your business.

You achieve THREE major business building results:
• Improve Your Profitability
• Accelerate Your Long Term Growth
• Fortify Your Competitive Advantage

How do we do it?

  1. The process forges a comprehensive Marketing System based on your existing marketing strengths and our multiple marketing channels.
  2. It is continuous: your prospective customers are always in the loop (unless they opt out).
  3. Each element enhances the next and the one after it.
  4. Leverage is produced since all the elements work together as a system.
  5. This combination of factors produce Synergy (i.e. producing a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts).
  6. Should you choose to continue to grow, you can maintain a Perpetual Growth System for as long as you wish.
  7. Focus on producing more IDEAL customers (i.e. those who buy more and are more profitable)

Together, these factors produce a significant competitive advantage for your business.

About Your Network 4 Success – Company Background

The Your Network for Success (YNS) Integrated Marketing System (IMS) started in the early 1990’s. Because of the large number of both small and large consulting customers our firm had leading up to 1990’s, we knew that small businesses needed an easy mechanism to generate positive marketing & public relations activities that would help them achieve the seven marketing and business goals described above. When our system started in the early 1990’s, it was then known as the “Enterprise Development Network”. Over the years, as we expanded from one program to five. The system we developed evolved into Your Network for Success (YNS). It became the mechanism we designed to achieve these goals for our customers. The First Program was entitled, “Perspectives on Successful Businesses”, No. 2 was known as “Wealth Building”, No. 3 became “Start and Grow Your Business”, No. 4 “Personal Development” and No. 5 “The Winners Circle”. Although each program had its own identity and MC (Master of Ceremonies) Team, the common thread was successful business practices and ideas that our listeners and participants could take away and use in their own businesses. Thus, the Your Network for Success made more sense than “Enterprise Development Network”. Because the design and implementation of the YNS System existed for over a 5 year period, we have a complete understanding of the key elements and how to make they work together for the benefit of our customers. Today, we call this our legacy system. Due to an unfortunate turn of events, the radio stations on which we based our Network went through some major changes that caused us to terminate the radio portion of our Programs. However, we continued to use the insights we gain from using our IMS for our customers. Today the internet has created an excellent opportunity to reinvigorate the system, enhance its reach to become world-wide as well as provide many options that were not available in the early 90’s. These added elements exponentially increase the power of the system for its participants. Thus the IMS2 concept.The YNS team is composed of individuals who are marketing specialists and producers of our IMS2.

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