07. What Results Can I Expect From an Effective IMS?

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Consider This:

You have been reading our blog and are considering making changes to your marketing system. Before you take any action, you want to know what kind of results you should expect.


The purpose of this blog is to: Describe some the kinds of results developing an IMS might produce for you.

Introduction & Summary
Our Integrated Marketing System (IMS) called YNS produced the following types of results for our customers.

Created/Enhanced Brand Awareness & Created Greater Visibility

  • “OUR NETWORK FOR SUCCESS (YNS) helped us expand from distributing 2000 mailings to 40,000 per month with only a 2 fold cost increase.”
  • “Numerous people upon meeting us say, ‘I heard you on the radio’; ‘Your business seems much larger than it actually is’;  ‘You’re everywhere, everyone knows about YOUR NETWORK FOR SUCCESS (YNS)‘”

Stimulated Increased Buying Interest (& Generated Qualified Leads)

  • “YOUR NETWORK FOR SUCCESS (YNS) produced direct qualified leads which consummated in sales from a single radio appearance.”
  • “Our phone rings more often and our web-site is receiving more 25% hits.

 Produced More Trial/Sales

  • “By tracking our sales due specifically to YOUR NETWORK FOR SUCCESS (YNS), we increased our new customer sales by 14% during our sponsorship period.”
  • “Due to the techniques we have learned from YOUR NETWORK FOR SUCCESS (YNS), our closing ratio has gone from 17%to 29%. We’re ecstatic.”
  • “Increased our sales results by 10% in spite of a reduced marketing investment of 10%.”

 Enhanced Customer Retention

  • “YOUR NETWORK FOR SUCCESS (YNS) helped us retain and cross or up-sell 75% of the new customers the program generated (up from 44%).”
  • “We now have a retention program, whereas before our relationship with YOUR NETWORK FOR SUCCESS (YNS), we did not. The result is more business and more single customer profitability.”

Produced Other Spin-off Benefits

  • “Created Networking Opportunities every week!”
  • “Enabled us to reach key decision makers more easily.”


The bottomline business results include:

  • Enhanced Competitive Advantage
  • Improved Profitability
  • Accelerated Long Term Growth


Next Steps

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