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How To Create a Facebook Group for Your Business

CONSIDER THIS: You are ready to build a Facebook Group for your business.  Great!  Here are all the “how to’s” you’ll want to know to build the Group. 

First thing’s first… create the Group!  The following steps will walk you through creating a Group with your business’ Facebook page as the admin.  (We recommend doing this from a computer and not on mobile device).

  1. From anywhere in Facebook, click the “create” button (it’s a plus sign) in the upper right corner. 
  2. Click “group”
  3. On the left side of the screen, fill in the “Group name”
  4. Underneath “Group name” select your desired privacy setting (either public or private)
    NOTE:  if you’re creating a group that is membership based, be sure to select “private”. 
  5. Another drop down will appear which will allow you to select the visibility of your group.  If you choose “visible”, anyone on Facebook will be able to find the group and request membership.  If you select “hidden,” the group will only be visible to people you invite to the group. 
  6. You’ll see an option to invite friends, but you don’t want to do this just yet.  You want to build out the group completely before you begin adding members. 
  7. Click “Create” in the lower left corner

From here, you’ll want to build out your group’s page!

Start by adding an attractive, engaging cover image.  The great news is that creating these cover images is one of our specialties!  So, reach out to us when you are ready for this so we can help you create a high converting cover. 

Next, add the description of the group (up to 3,000 characters are allowed).  You’ll want to convey a clear message to your members about the purpose of the group, so they know how to engage in the group.  It’s common to use this space to share information you want the entire group, especially new members, to know.

Here are a few highpoints you don’t want to leave out:

  1. Explain who’s in the group.  If the group is comprised of people who are part of a course you’re running, then say so! 
  2. Tell members how to engage in the group.  Encourage them to share questions and successes.  Your members will benefit from building community with their fellow members of your group. 

Other than that, make the description uniquely your own!

An important (but often overlooked) next step is to lay some ground rules.  You want your group to be a community that provides value to its members, so eliminating spam and negativity is important.  In the left hand column, find the “Group rules” button. 

Facebook allows a total of 10 rules and makes a few suggestions.  Selecting “no promotions or spam”, “no hate speech or bullying”, and “be kind and courteous” are good ones to start with. 

Keep in mind you can come back and edit these rules later on.  If you start to see issues with behavior that you’re not anticipating right now, just come back to this section and make whatever changes are necessary to keep your group running smoothly. 

Now you’re ready for your first post! 

Putting up a simple “welcome to the group” post before you begin adding members ensures that you won’t be inviting your first members to a blank page.  If you’re feeling ambitious, put up several posts so there’s already some content for members to engage with.  Think about asking a fun question to ask new members and post it! 

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