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“YOUR NETWORK FOR SUCCESS sm”  (YNS sm)Station Description

How to Listen

– If you want to listen to WWYNS Business Radio in radio format, simply log in.


WWYNS sm stands for World-Wide Your Network 4 Success Business Radio.


WWYNS Business Radio is produced by Professional Marketeers. We have helped hundreds of individuals and firms over the past 35 years build their businesses/organizations by using our Integrated Marketing System.

Why We Broadcast

YNS has been a pioneer of a very effective Integrated Marketing System. We call it IMS(Squared sm). Radio broadcasts are just one key element of that System (which has > 36 separate marketing activities, all working together to create better marketing system which produce more sales).

Why Should You Listen?

– We aim to deliver at least one bottomline business idea you can implement to build your business each and every program. In addition, we expect our guests to tell you how to get the MAXIMUM Benefit with the MINIMUM Investment from their Product/Service Package. We call this our MAXI/MIN Principle.


– The WWYNS Business Radio studios are Headquartered is in Buffalo, NY. We broadcast from our studios in the CTF Building. YNS is a division of CTF which is one of its major sponsors.

WHY A Rotating Schedule

When you listen to WWYNS Business Radio at the same time every day you will hear a different program being aired. However, we rotate the entire schedule over a 24 hour cycle. For a calendar of Programs and ExBr’s, simply log on to www.

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