2021 YNS Executive Briefing Schedule

Event Facts:
Briefing Cost: $25/event, or $250 for all 
Where: Your Network 4 Success at the Southside Commerce Center in East Aurora, NY
Time: 7:30-8:30am
Deadline: Registration is required for attendance.

RSVP by completing the registration form here:  https://zapof.com/form/ceF6Fa/conference-registration-form


2021 Executive Briefing Schedule


DATE                 TOPIC/TITLE

7/9/21                   100% Sales Growth sm – The Concept/The Reality                

7/23/21                 100% Sales Growth – How to Leverage Your                                                      Marketing Elements 

 8/6/21                100% Sales Growth – Get the Power of                                                                Product/Service Packaging 

 8/20/21                 100% Sales Growth sm – How to Build Your Own                                          IM System                  

 9/10/21                100% Sales Growth – Should You or Your Business                                         Be Featured on Radio &/or TV? 

9/24/21                100% Sales Growth – Increase the Number of Your                                        QUALIFIED Leads

10/8/21                100% Sales Growth/Guaranteed Sales Growth                                                 Selling Is Not Telling; Selling Is Asking 

10/22/21              100% Sales Growth/Guaranteed Sales Growth sm –                                        Write & Deliver Successful Proposals and Close Effectively                  

 11/12/21                100% Sales Growth – Maximize Your Tracking to                                             Reallocate Your Resources 

 11/19/21            100% Sales Growth – Enhance Follow-up/thru, to                                Cultivate Long Term Relations to Improve Your Retention 

12/10/21            BONUS – Effectively Cultivating, Acquiring and                                             Working with Affiliates

 12/17/21            BONUS – “Using Technology to Increase                                                              Productivity and Boost Sales”

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